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Places and geographical objects on the map of Eastern_Equatoria.

Map of Eastern Equatoria district in South Sudan

Basic information about Eastern_Equatoria
Eastern Equatoria was one of the ten states of South Sudan. It has an area of 73,472 km². The capital is Torit.
Cities, towns & villages in Eastern Equatoria
PajokPajok (also Parjok, Parajok) is a community in Eastern Equatoria state of South Sudan. It is in the southern part of Magwi County, 39 kilometres (24 mi) south of Magwi, near the border with Uganda. The main ethnic group are the Acholi people, who live on both sides of the border between South Sudan and Uganda in this region, divided by an arbitrary boundary defined by the Colonial British in 1926.The soil is volcanic in origin and rich.The town has a small gazetted forest reserve of 23 hectares (57 acres). Notable Pajok People 2. Hon. Angela Achiro Onorio 3. Hon. Tobias Xavier Lotto Associations Show Pajokon the map
LobiraLobira is a community in Ikotos County, Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan. It is on the southern road between Torit and Kapoeta, and lies to the north of Lobira hill. The village is inhabited by Lotuko people. It is in the Lomihidang North boma of the Chahari payam.The village is accessible by road in all seasons. It is about two and a half hours from Torit by public bus, a distance of 47 kilometres (29 mi).As of July 2010 the village had 4,010 people, including 895 returned Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from the nearby area and the same number of refugees from more distant camps.The great majority of the people are farmers and pastoralists. The people suffered insecurity from constant cattle raids by Buya people from Budi County in which civilians are often killed. Show Lobiraon the map
LafonLafon is a community in Imatong State State of South Sudan, the headquarters of Lafon County.The people belong to the Pari ethnic group.Lafon Hill is a small, rocky elevation that rises abruptly from the surrounding plain.It is covered with terraced, Pari the people made their living primarily from cattle herding. Show Lafonon the map
IkotoIkotos is a town ov Imatong State of South Sudan, headquarters of Ikotos County. The town is home to the Lango people, who have a total population of 25,000 - 30,000 people in Ikotos county and elsewhere, and speak dialects of the Lotuko language. Show Ikotoon the map
KapoetaKapoeta is a town in South Sudan. It is located in Kapoeta South County, in Namorunyang State, in southeastern South Sudan. Show Kapoetaon the map
NimuleNimule is a town in South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, created on 9 July 2011. Show Nimuleon the map
ChukudumChukudum is a village in Budi County of the Namorunyang State state of South Sudan. Show Chukudumon the map
MagwiMagwi or Magwe is a town in South Sudan Show Magwion the map
ToritTorit is a town in South Sudan. Show Toriton the map
States, regions, administrative units in Eastern Equatoria
IkotosIkotos County was an administrative area in the Eastern Equatoria state of South Sudan with headquarters in the town of Ikotos. The people, who live in the former county's area by subsistence agriculture and cattle herding, are poverty-stricken. Years of civil war have made violence commonplace: most people have experienced the murder of a close family member. In 2009, AK-47 rifles were used in 42 per cent of killings.Show on map
Torit CountyTorit County is an administrative region in Imatong State of South Sudan, with headquarters in the town of Torit, which is also the state capital.Show on map
Eastern EquatoriaEastern Equatoria was one of the ten states of South Sudan. It has an area of 73,472 km². The capital is Torit.Show on map
BudiBudi County is an administrative area of Namorunyang State. Before the reorganisation of states in 2015, it was a part of Eastern Equatoria state in South Sudan, with headquarters in Chukudum.Show on map
Lafon CountyLafon County is an administrative area in Imatong State of South Sudan Before the reorganisation of states in 2015, it was a county of Eastern Equatoria. The largest town is Lafon.Show on map
Magwi CountyMagwi County, also Magwe County, is a county in South Sudan.Show on map
Mountains, roads, land forms, forests and other objects in Eastern Equatoria
Didinga HillsThe Didinga Hills are an upland area in Namorunyang State of South Sudan, lying mainly within Budi County. Before the reorganisation of states, it was a oart of Eastern Equatoria. They are named for the Didinga people who live in the region. The Didinga Hills have rich and fertile soil that is used for cultivation of tobacco, potatoes, maize, and Dura. The village of Chukudum lies at the base of the Didinga Mountains, which are often shrouded in clouds, in spectacularly beautiful country. It is accessible only by a rough track.Show on map
KinyetiMount Kinyeti is the highest peak in South Sudan. It is located in the Imatong Mountains in Ikwoto County of Imatong State state, near the Ugandan border. It was earlier located in Eastern Equatoria before the reorganisation of states. Kinyeti has an elevation of 3,187 metres (10,456 ft) above sea level.The group of high mountains that contain Kinyeti, extending to the border with Uganda, are sometimes called the Lomariti or Lolobai mountains.Show on map