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Map of Comune di Ancarano district in Slovenia

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AnkaranAnkaran (pronounced [aŋkaˈɾaːn]; Italian: Ancarano; German: Hänkern) is a settlement in the Municipality of Ankaran, located near the border with Italy, in the Littoral region of Slovenia. It is less than 5 km from the Italian town of Muggia near Trieste, about 2.5 km from the Italian-Slovenian border, 6.5 km from Koper, and 33 km from the nearest Croatian town, Buje. In the entire municipality both Slovenian and Italian are official languages. Show Ankaranon the map
Debeli RtičDebeli Rtič (Slovene: Debeli rtič, Italian: Punta Grossa) is a cape in the northern Adriatic Sea on the border between Slovenia and Italy. It is located north-west of the Slovenian town of Ankaran, and west of the Italian town of Muggia. The name (both in Slovene and Italian) literally means 'Thick Little Cape'. Show Debeli Rtičon the map