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Places and geographical objects on the map of Thies.

Map of Thies district in Senegal

Basic information about Thies
Thiès is a region of western Senegal. The capital is also called Thiès.
Cities, towns & villages in Thies
D’iasNdiass (or Diass) is a village and rural community in the M'bour Department in the Thies Region of Senegal. It is located 40 kilometres southeast of Dakar. According to PEPAM (Programme d'eau potable et d'assainissement du Millénaire), Diass has a population of 4794. Blaise Diagne International Airport is being built here. The main settlements are Diass, Ndeing, Ngam, Sakirack, Khoubite,Sahé and Escale. Diass is home to many baobab. The Popenguine Nature Reserve and Bandia Reserve are close and share the same ecosystem. The main language is Saafi but also Wolof. Show D’iason the map
MbourM'Bour or Mbour is a city in the Thiès Region of Senegal. It lies on the Petite Côte, approximately eighty kilometers south of Dakar. It is home to a population of 153,503 (2002 census). The city's major industries are tourism, fishing and peanut processing. M'Bour is also the most important place of tourism in Senegal because it is situated on the little cost side. It is also noteworthy for the orphanage and nursery for children run by the international NGO Vivre Ensemble, and for the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Senegal. Show Mbouron the map
Joal-FadioutJoal-Fadiouth is a village at the end of the Petite Côte of Senegal, south-east of Dakar. Joal lies on the mainland, while Fadiouth, linked by a bridge, lies on an island of clam shells, which are also used in local architecture and crafts. The village has no motorised transport evidenced by the sign on entering. It has large Christian and Muslim populations with cemeteries on another shell island. Another attraction is granaries on stilts in the water. Show Joal-Fadiouton the map
MékhéMeckhe is a commune in Senegal, consisting of approx. 19,000 inhabitants.It is located in the north-west of the country, between Dakar and Saint-Louis, in the region of Thiès in the department of Tivaouane. Its population is mostly of Wolof origin. Economical activity is centered on agriculture, handicrafts, commerce and cattle breeding. It is a sister city with 23x15px France. Show Mékhéon the map
NgaparouNgaparou (or N'gaparu) is a coastal town in western Senegal (about 75 km south of Dakar), located in the department of Mbour and the region of Thies, on the Petite Côte, near Saly. It is adjacent to the town of Somone and it shares a similar tourist industry, but its main income is from fishing. Show Ngaparouon the map
DiabougouDiabougou is a village in the Thiès Region of western Senegal. The village was the site of the \"Diagoubou Declaration\". This was the first multilateral announcement to renounce the practice of female genital cutting in Senegal. Show Diabougouon the map
YaboyaboYaboyabo (Serer, variations : Yaabo-Yabo, Yabo Yabo, YABO-YABO or Yabo-Yabo) is an ancient village in the rural community of Séssène (var : Sessene), in the Thies Region of Senegal. Show Yaboyaboon the map
SaliSaly (also called Sali or Saly Portudal) is a seaside resort area on the Petite Côte of Senegal, south of Dakar. It is the top tourist destination in all of West Africa. Show Salion the map
NgazobilNgazobil (also called Ngasobil) is a village in Senegal, located on the Petite Côte, south of Dakar. Show Ngazobilon the map
NianingNianing is a city in Petite Côte, Senegal, south of Dakar, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from M'Bour. Show Nianingon the map
KirèneKirène is a small town in western Senegal about 70 km from the capital, Dakar. Show Kirèneon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Thies
TivaouaneTivaouane Department is one of the departments of Senegal, located in the Thiès Region. Its capital is Tivaouane.Show on map
MbourM'bour Department is one of the departments of Senegal, located in the Thiès Region. Its capital is M'Bour.Show on map
ThièsThiès Department is one of the departments of Senegal, located in the Thiès Region.Show on map
Région de ThièsThiès is a region of western Senegal. The capital is also called Thiès.Show on map
Different buildings in Thies
Blaise Diagne International AirportThe Blaise Diagne International Airport is an international airport under construction near the town of Ndiass, Senegal. It will serve as a new airport for Dakar, as the old Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport is becoming too small for future operations.Show on map
ThiesThiès (pronounced chess in Noon language, French pronunciation: ​[/tjɛs/]) is the third largest city in Senegal with a population officially estimated at 1,788,864 in 2013. It lies 72 km east of Dakar on the N2 road and at the junction of railway lines to Dakar, Bamako and St-Louis. It is the capital of Thiès Region and is a major industrial city.Show on map