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Map of San Pedro district in Paraguay

Basic information about San_Pedro
San Pedro ([sam ˈpeðɾo]) is a department of Paraguay. The capital is the city of San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú.
Cities, towns & villages in San Pedro
Veinticinco de Diciembre25 de Diciembre is a city in the San Pedro department of Paraguay. This city is located 120 km. north of the city of Asunción, with which it communicates through the National Route 3, which crosses its territory from east to west. The district adopted the name of a memorable date in the history of the Republic of Paraguay, because the December 25, 1842 was proclaimed the Declaration of National Independence in the city of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay. Confirmed the cry of liberty proclaimed in the early morning of May 15, 1811. Show Veinticinco de Diciembreon the map
TacuatíTacuatí is a town and distrito in Paraguay. Current major economic activities include the cultivation of soy and sesame, and cattle ranching. Formerly home to large forests, followed by large sawmills and poorly managed cotton farms, followed by large stretches of parched and barren sand. Tacuatí is situated above the Rio Ypané at the northern border of the II Departmento de San Pedro de Ykuamandyjy. In October 2008, a 6 meter long female anaconda was found and killed there by local fishermen. Show Tacuatíon the map
Nueva GermaniaNueva Germania (New Germania) is a district of San Pedro Department in Paraguay. It was founded as a German settlement on August 23, 1887 by Bernhard Förster, who was married to Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, sister of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Förster's idea was to create a model community in the New World and to demonstrate the virtues of German culture and society. In the town there are still many German remnants. There is a museum that exhibits memories of the town's origin. It is located about 297 kilometres from Asunción, capital of the Republic of Paraguay. Show Nueva Germaniaon the map
San Pedro de YcuamandiyúSan Pedro de Ycuamandiyú is a city and distrito in Paraguay. It is the capital of the department of San Pedro. The conquistador Aleixo Garcia, the first European to cross Paraguay and reach the Inca empire in 1524, is believed to have been killed near San Pedro on his return. Show San Pedro de Ycuamandiyúon the map
AntequeraAntequera is a district of the San Pedro Department, Paraguay with Puerto Antequera the main location at the Paraguay River. It is an agricultural region. Puerto Antequera has 1,632 inhabitants. It can be reached by Route 11. Show Antequeraon the map
San EstanislaoSan Estanislao de Kostka (usually referred to as San Estanislao or, more commonly, Santaní) is a city and district in the department of San Pedro, Paraguay. Show San Estanislaoon the map
ChoreChoré is a district of the San Pedro Department, Paraguay. It has a population of 35,950 based on 2002 Census . Show Choreon the map
General Elizardo AquinoGeneral Elizardo Aquino is a town in the San Pedro department of Paraguay. \n* Elizardo Aquino(1824 – 1866) Show General Elizardo Aquinoon the map
Itacurubí del RosarioItacurubí del Rosario is a town in the San Pedro department of Paraguay. Show Itacurubí del Rosarioon the map
UniónUnión is a town and distrito in the San Pedro Department, Paraguay. Show Uniónon the map
CapiíbaryCapiíbary is a town in the San Pedro department of Paraguay. Show Capiíbaryon the map
TavaiTavaí is a village in the Caazapá department of Paraguay. Show Tavaion the map
LimaLima is a town of the Department of San Pedro Paraguay. Show Limaon the map
States, regions, administrative units in San Pedro
Departamento de San PedroSan Pedro (Spanish pronunciation: [sam ˈpe.ðɾo]) is a department of Paraguay. The capital is the city of San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú.Show on map
Lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water in San Pedro
Laguna BlancaLaguna Blanca is an ecological and tourist location of Paraguay that comprehends an agricultural and cattle establishment, with a lake that is settled over calcareous sand, fact that makes the water completely transparent and apt for diving.Show on map