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Places and geographical objects on the map of Concepcion.

Map of Concepcion district in Paraguay

Basic information about Concepcion
Concepción ([konsepˈsjon]) is a department of Paraguay. The capital is the city of Concepción.
Cities, towns & villages in Concepcion
ConcepciónConcepción (Spanish pronunciation: [konsepˈsjon]) is a city in northern Paraguay and capital of the Concepción Department. It lies next to the Paraguay River. Founded by a Spanish Governor, named Agustín Fernado de Pinedo, the town prospered in the early years of the 20th century, as a centre for the north of the country, exploiting the new wealth of the Gran Chaco, and a river port. The town was also a centre for the Paraguayan Civil War of 1947. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Concepción en Paraguay. Show Concepciónon the map
San LázaroSan Lázaro is a town in the Concepción department of Paraguay. Located 660 km from Asunción and 190 km from departmental capital Concepción, its population was 9060 in 2002. Located at the confluence of rivers Paraguay and Apa. The main area of activity is the manufacture of lime. Show San Lázaroon the map
HorquetaHorqueta (Guarani: Orkéta) is a city of Paraguay, in the department of Concepción, located 50 kilometers from Concepción City and 428 kilometers from Asunción. It is established in a hill. Show Horquetaon the map
San CarlosSan Carlos del Apa is a city of Paraguay in the Concepción Department, and a historical site located between River Apa and Stream Blandengues. Show San Carloson the map
BelénBelén is a town in the Concepción Department of Paraguay. Show Belénon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Concepcion
Departamento de ConcepciónConcepción (Spanish pronunciation: [konsepˈsjon]) is a department of Paraguay. The capital is the city of Concepción.Show on map
Lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water in Concepcion
Río AquidabánThe Aquidabán River (Spanish: Río Aquidabán) is a river in the Amambay Department, in northeastern Paraguay.Show on map