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Map of Caaguazu district in Paraguay

Basic information about Caaguazu
Caaguazú ([ka(a)ɣwaˈsu]) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Coronel Oviedo.
Cities, towns & villages in Caaguazu
San JoséSan José de los Arroyos is a town in the Caaguazú Department of Paraguay. It is located 100 km to the east of Asuncion on a branch of the Pan-american highway, \"Ruta #2\". The county comprises an urban area of around 8,000 inhabitants and some twelve smaller satellite villages or dependencies known as \"colonias\" raising its population to roughly 20,000 inhabitants. Although there is some controversy regarding its foundation, the official version is that it was founded by a former governor of Paraguay, Don Pedro Melo de Portugal on March 19, 1780, still during the time of Spanish colonialism and later elevated to a municipality in 1884. Like most towns in Paraguay with few exceptions, the colonial architecture survived until the early 1980s when, due to a lack of protective laws, it suffered Show San Joséon the map
Coronel OviedoCoronel Oviedo (Spanish pronunciation: [koɾonel oˈβjeðo]) is a city in east-central Paraguay. It is the capital of the Caaguazú Department, about 150 kilometers east of Asunción, and was founded in 1758. The city has a population of about 52,400 (2006 Estimate) and is the hometown of former president Nicanor Duarte Frutos. Coronel Oviedo is an important transit point, as it lies halfway between Asunción and Ciudad del Este. In addition, it sits at the intersection of highways Ruta 2, Ruta 7 and Ruta 8. The moniker for the city is the \"Capital of Work\" or capital de trabajo in Spanish. Show Coronel Oviedoon the map
CaaguazúCaaguazú District (Spanish pronunciation: [ka(a)ɣwaˈsu]) is one of the 20 districts of Caaguazú Department, Paraguay. It contains the town of Caaguazú, which has a population of 63,000. Caaguazú had the greatest concentration of sawmills in Paraguay about fifteen to twenty years ago and up until today is still called the “Wood Capital” of Paraguay. In Spanish (Capital de Madera). Caaguazú still has more than ten big wood industries producing wood flooring among other things. The many sawmills have mostly move up to the north eastern part of Paraguay where there are many more logs. Show Caaguazúon the map
MbutuySanta Rosa del Mbutuy is a town and distrito in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay that is best described as the 'Cruce del Mbutuy' by residents of the Santa Rosa District, where it is located, because of the intersection of two major roads that the town is built around. Some of the town's early growth could be attributed to the fact that it was on an asphalt paved road that intersected with a dirt road to the rest of the District of Santa Rosa del Mbutuy, and other departments of the nation. Show Mbutuyon the map
Nueva LondresNueva Londres (Spanish for New London) is a town southwest in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. It has an area of 883 square kilometers and according to the census of 2002 has 3,875 inhabitants. It is located 137 km from the city of Asuncion. Show Nueva Londreson the map
Doctor Juan Manuel FrutosDoctor Juan Manuel Frutos is a town in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. The town was formerly called \"Pastoreo\" and is still commonly known by this name. Show Doctor Juan Manuel Frutoson the map
Doctor Cecilio BáezDoctor Cecilio Báez is a town in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. It is named after the eponymous President of Paraguay. Show Doctor Cecilio Báezon the map
RepatriaciónRepatriación is a town in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. Show Repatriaciónon the map
La PastoraLa Pastora is a town in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. Show La Pastoraon the map
CarayaóCarayaó is a town in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. Show Carayaóon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Caaguazu
Departamento de CaaguazúCaaguazú (Spanish pronunciation: [ka(a)ɣwaˈsu]) is a department in Paraguay. The capital is the city of Coronel Oviedo.Show on map
Different buildings in Caaguazu
YhuYhú is a district in the Caaguazú department of Paraguay. The name is derived from a Guaraní word for \"black water.\"Show on map