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Map of Ulcinj district in Montenegro

Basic information about Ulcinj
Ulcinj Municipality (Albanian: Komuna e Ulqinit; Montenegrin: Opština Ulcinj, Општина Улцињ) is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The main city, where half of the 20,290 residents live is Ulcinj. The area of the municipality is 255 km², the total population is 20,290 and density 80 pop/km². There is a border-crossing point with Albania at the village of Sukobin near the Skadar Lake.
Cities, towns & villages in Ulcinj
UlcinjUlcinj (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Улцињ, pronounced [ǔlt͡siɲ]; Albanian: Ulqini) is a town on the southern coast of Montenegro and the capital of Ulcinj Municipality. It has an urban population of 10,707 (2011), the majority being Albanians. Ulcinj is a famous destination for tourists, because of its Long Beach, Lake Šas, Ada Bojana Island and for its two-millennia-old Ulcinj Castle. Ulcinj is also the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro. Show Ulcinjon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Ulcinj
UlcinjUlcinj Municipality (Montenegrin: Opština Ulcinj, Општина Улцињ; Albanian: Komuna e Ulqinit) is the southernmost municipality of Montenegro, bordered by Albania to the east, Bar Municipality to the north and Adriatic Sea to the south dhe the west. The municipality area is 255 km², while the population is 19,921 residents, according to 2011 census. The seat of the municipality is Ulcinj.Show on map