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Places and geographical objects on the map of Marsabit.

Map of Marsabit district in Kenya

Basic information about Marsabit
Marsabit County is a county of Kenya. Its capital is Marsabit and its largest town Moyale. The county has a population of 291,166.
Cities, towns & villages in Marsabit
MoyaleMoyale is a market town on the border of Ethiopia and Kenya, which is split between the two countries: the larger portion is in Ethiopia (in the Oromia Region), and the smaller is in Marsabit County, Kenya (the former capital of the defunct Moyale District). There are four disputed locations within the area of Moyale between the Somali and Oromo regions. Moyale is the main border post on the Nairobi-Addis Ababa road, lying north of the Dide Galgalu Desert. It is known for its traditional architecture. Show Moyaleon the map
MarsabitMarsabit is a town in the northern Marsabit County in Kenya. It is situated in the Eastern Province and is almost surrounded by the Marsabit National Park and Marsabit National Reserve. The town is located 170 km east of the center of the East African Rift, at 37°58' E, 2°19' N (37.97°E, 2.32 N). It serves as the capital of Marsabit County, and lies southeast of the Chalbi Desert in a forested area known for its volcanoes and crater lakes and others. Show Marsabiton the map
LaisamisLaisamis is a settlement in Kenya's Marsabit County. In Laisamis there is a Catholic church dedicated to St George. Show Laisamison the map
North HorrNorth Horr is a settlement in Kenya's Eastern Province. Show North Horron the map
Log LogoLog Logo is a settlement in Kenya's Eastern Province. Show Log Logoon the map
ChobaChoba is a settlement in Kenya's Eastern Province. Show Chobaon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Marsabit
Moyale DistrictMoyale District is a former administrative district in the former Eastern Province of Kenya. Its capital town was Moyale. It had population of 53,479 and an area of 9,390 km² . The district had only one local authority, Moyale county council. The district had one electoral constituency, the Moyale Constituency. In 2010, the district was eliminated and joined Marsabit County.Show on map
Marsabit(Not to be confused with Marsabit.) Marsabit County is a county of Kenya. Its capital is Marsabit and its largest town Moyale. The county has a population of 291,166.Show on map
Different buildings in Marsabit
IleretIleret (also spelled Illeret) is a village in Marsabit County, Kenya. It is located in Northern Kenya, on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana, north of Sibiloi National Park and near the Ethiopian border. Administratively, Ileret is a part of a ward of the same name, which is part of North Horr Constituency and Marsabit County Council. The village is also part of an administrative location which has an area-wide population of 5,045.Show on map
Marsabit AirportMarsabit Airport is an airport in Marsabit, Kenya.Show on map
Mountains, roads, land forms, forests and other objects in Marsabit
Koobi ForaKoobi Fora /ˈkuːbi ˈfɔːrə/ refers primarily to a region around Koobi Fora Ridge, located on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana in the territory of the nomadic Gabbra people. According to the National Museums of Kenya, the name comes from the Gabbra language: In the language of the Gabbra people who live near the site, the term Koobi Fora means a place of the commiphora and the source of myrrh...Show on map
Mount KulalMount Kulal is an eroded-down extinct volcano located in northern Kenya, just east of Lake Turkana. The mountain has an elevation of 2,285 metres (7,497 ft). The lakeside town of Loiyangalani is located 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of Mount Kulal. Mount Kulal has been a biosphere reserve since 1978. Mount Kulal is the only place where Kulal white-eye (Zosterops kulalensis) has been found.Show on map
Chalbi DesertThe Chalbi Desert is a small desert in northern Kenya, situated near the border with Ethiopia. It is located east of Lake Turkana and contains North Horr. Marsabit is the closest major city.Show on map