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Map of Tshuapa district in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Basic information about Tshuapa
Tshuapa District is a district located in the Équateur province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tshuapa was to become one of 25 proposed provinces specified in the 2006 Constitution, taking effect no later than February 2009. As of October 2010, this had not taken place.
Cities, towns & villages in Tshuapa
BaringaBaringa is a village in Tshuapa Province, Befale Territory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It stands on the banks of the Maringa River at approximately 180 km upriver from Basankusu. It can be said to be the twin of its neighbouring village, Boilinga, which is joined to it along the same road. The Protestant mission, including the hospital, primary school, and missionaries' houses are in Baringa. The Catholic mission of Baringa, together with teachers and workers houses, primary and secondary school buildings and boarding houses, the Catholic church and missionaries' house, can be said to be in Boilinga. Show Baringaon the map
Lingomo DeuxièmeLingomo is a community in the Équateur province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1908 the missionary W.R. Kirby was stationed at Yalemba. In January of that year he made a tour of the country on the south side of the Congo River, and a summary of his findings was published in the London Times on 18 June 1908.He made serious accusations that the head of the post at Lingomo was forcing the local people to harvest rubber, burning the villages of those who resisted, destroying their crops of bananas and manioc and taking men, women and children into captivity. Show Lingomo Deuxièmeon the map
IkelaIkela is a market town in Tshuapa, Democratic Republic of Congo, lying on the Tshuapa River east of Boende. Founded by Belgium in the early twentieth century as a trading post, it became an important local centre.It is the headquarters of the Ikela Territory. The town was largely destroyed in the Second Congo War, being for many years under siege from Congolese Rally for Democracy forces. Its population of 15,000 almost all fled, but around half have since returned to reconstruct it. Ikela is served by Ikela Airport. Show Ikelaon the map
BoendeBoende is a town and capital of Tshuapa Province, lying on the Tshuapa River, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a river port with ferries sailing to Kinshasa via Mbandanka and is also home to an airport. As of 2009 it had an estimated population of 36,158. The national language used locally is Lingala. Show Boendeon the map
BefaleBefale is a community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the administrative center of Befale Territory, located in Tshuapa province.The town lies on the road linking Boende to Basankusu.As of 2012 the estimated population was 3,879. Show Befaleon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Tshuapa
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