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Map of Haut-Lomani district in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Basic information about Haut-Lomani
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KatendeKatende, or Sungu-Katende, was a royal sacred village of the Kingdom of Luba.It was adjacent to the village of Kabondo.Katende is on the upper Lomami in the Lubala region in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Show Katendeon the map
KaminaKamina is the capital city of Haut-Lomami Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Show Kaminaon the map
BukamaBukama is a town in Haut-Lomami Province of south-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of 2009 it had an estimated population of 42,718. Show Bukamaon the map
States, regions, administrative units in Haut-Lomani
Haut LomamiShow on map
Lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water in Haut-Lomani
Lac BoyaLake Boya is a small lake about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) east of Kabongo in Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The lake is surrounded by high reeds, and has a thriving population of birds. In the pre-colonial perion the region around Lake Boya was a center of inter-regional trade, an important source of wealth for the Kingdom of Luba.The king and conqueror Kongolo established his capital near Lake Boya at Mwimbele at the start of the sixteenth century.Show on map
Lac UpembaLake Upemba is a lake in Bukama, Haut-Lomami District, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It, and nearby Lake Kisale, is surrounded by the Upemba Depression in Upemba National Park. The nearest town is Nyonga, and the nearest hospital is located four hours away in Kikondja. The floating islands in the lake, such Mitala Island, are also the site of an informal refugee settlement that resulted from the fighting between Mai-Mai rebels and government troops since 2006.Show on map
Lac KisaleLake Kisale is a lake in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in Bukama Territory, Haut-Lomami District.At about 300 square kilometres (120 sq mi) in area, it is the second largest of the lakes in the Upemba Depression (Kamolondo Depression), an extensive marshy area partly within the Upemba National Park.Show on map
MusonoMusono is a town in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Show on map