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Places and geographical objects in Barbados. Zoom in the map to level 7 to see the objects on the map.

Map of Barbados

Basic information about Barbados
Saint ThomasThe parish of Saint Thomas (\St. Thomas\) is found in the centre of Barbados. It is one of only two landlocked parishes in the island, the other being Saint George to the south. Saint Thomas also exists as one of the whole constituencies existing in Barbados, the others being, Saint Lucy and, Saint Andrew. It is represented in The House of Assembly by member of the Barbados Labour Party, the Hon. Cynthia Forde J.P., M.P.Show Saint Thomas the map
Saint PhilipSaint Philip is a parish of Barbados at the easternmost end of the island. St. Philip has the largest land area of the 11 parishes of Barbados and has a relatively flat 'close to sea-level' terrain. St. Philip has the largest area of crop cultivation making it locally considered \the country\. St. Philip does not have a 'true' city as some other parishes but rather 'areas' and 'villages'. Six Cross Roads is the largest area by virtue of both commercial and residential population and is the central hub for the parish.Show Saint Philip the map
Saint PeterThe Parish of Saint Peter (\St. Peter\) is one of eleven parishes in the Caribbean island country of Barbados. It is named after the Christian Apostle and patron saint, Saint Peter. It is located in the north of Barbados, and is the only parish besides Saint Lucy that extends from the east coast to the west.Show Saint Peter the map
Saint MichaelThe parish of St. Michael is one of eleven parishes of Barbados. It has a land area of 39 km2 and is found at the southwest portion of the island. Saint Michael has survived by name as one of the original six parishes created in 1629 by Governor Sir William Tufton.Show Saint Michael the map
Saint LucyThe parish of Saint Lucy (\St. Lucy\) is the northern-most area in the country of Barbados. Saint Lucy is known for being the only parish of Barbados out of the eleven to be named after a female patron saint, Saint Lucy of Syracuse. Saint Lucy was the location of a United States Navy base at Harrison's Point. Saint Lucy's shape also resembles a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, east and west. To the south lies the neighbouring Parish of Saint Peter. The closest major town to Saint Lucy in Barbados is Speightstown located in the parish of Saint Peter.Show Saint Lucy the map
Saint JosephThe parish of Saint Joseph is a parish of Barbados on the eastern side of the island. The parish is home to two of the more notable botanic gardens in the country - Flower Forest and Andromeda Gardens. Parts of St. Joseph are also referred to as the Scotland District, a reference to the appearance of the landscape. The main town in the parish is Bathsheba One of the highest points in the island is Chimborazo in Saint Joseph.Saint Joseph is also the home of the \Soup Bowl\ where international surfing competitions are held.Show Saint Joseph the map
Saint JohnThe parish of Saint John (St. John) is a parish of Barbados on the eastern side of the island. It is home to one of its secondary schools, The Lodge School. The parish is the home of many districts such as Ashford and Kendal. It is home to the St. John's Parish Church, which has a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean from its perch near Hackleton's Cliff, which overlooks the East Coast of the island. In its southeastern corner, the shoreline turns northward, forming the small Conset Bay.Show Saint John the map
Saint JamesThe parish of Saint James (\St. James\) is an area located in the western central part of the country of Barbados. Increasingly St. James is becoming known as the playground of the rich and famous, and a haven for sun-starved tourists. Noted for its shopping and restaurants, St. James is central to Barbados' bustling tourist industry, with historical attractions including the St. James Parish Church and the Portvale Sugar Factory, one of the few remaining operational sugar factories on the island.Show Saint James the map
Saint GeorgeThe parish of Saint George (\St. George\) is located in the interior of Barbados. It is one of two land-locked parishes, the other being Saint Thomas to the north. A prominent landmark in the parish is Gun Hill Signal Station – one of the few remaining signal stations, dating back to 1818. Saint George borders six of the eleven other parishes, more than any other parish.Show Saint George the map
Saint AndrewSaint Andrew (\St. Andrew\) is one of eleven parishes of Barbados. It is situated is the northern area in the country. Saint Andrew is one of the more unspoiled parts of the island owing to its physical makeup of green rolling hills. The parish of Saint Andrew also has the country's highest natural elevation, the 336 m (1,102 ft) Mount Hillaby at the southern part of the parish.Show Saint Andrew the map
Christ ChurchThe parish of Christ Church is one of eleven historic political divisions of Barbados. It has a land area of 57 km2 (22 sq mi) and is found at the southern end of the island. Christ Church has survived by name as one of the original six parishes created in 1629 by Governor Sir William Tufton. Another notable area of Christ Church is Saint Lawrence Gap, which is the most lively tourist area on the island. Many of the taverns and clubs in St. Lawrence are frequented by locals and tourists alike.Show Christ Church the map