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Places and geographical objects on the map of Isabela.

Map of Isabela district in Puerto Rico

Basic information about Isabela
Isabela ([isaˈβela]) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the north-western region of the island, north of San Sebastián; west of Quebradillas; and east of Aguadilla and Moca. Isabela is spread over 13 wards and Isabela Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). It is a principal city of the Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastián Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town is known as the \Jardín del Noroeste,\ the \Garden of the Northwest,\ because of the many wild flowers in its landscape. It is also knowns as el \Pueblo de los Quesitos de Hoja\, the \town of Leaf Cheeses,\ for its production of this typical fresh white cheese wrapped in banana plant leaves, reputed to be the best. It is also known as la Ciudad de los Gallitos or the \City of the Fighting Cocks.\ Since the 18th century, cock fighting was very common throughout the island, and the town became famous and well known for the quality of its fighting cocks and special breeding and training techniques used by its people.